Logistics Service

Expresslink provides Cargo Support Services (CSS) designed to help SMEs streamline their import and export process by eliminating overheads for warehouse space, trucks and forklifts, packing materials, PCs and labeling machines and their own cargo expertise.

A comprehensive CSS package includes:

Storage facilities

  • Store imported air cargo shipments in Expresslink's warehouse between picking up from the cargo terminals and releasing to the ultimate consignee in AFFC, Chek Lap Kok (CLK) or downtown.
  • Store export air cargo shipments for palletization before delivering to cargo terminal.

Cargo loading and unloading

  • Load / unload cargo and check condition, weight and dimension measurements.

Cargo collection and delivery

  • Scheduled empty unit collection from cargo terminals or other warehouses within CLK or downtown.
  • Scheduled cargo delivery for pre-packed ULD to cargo terminals.
  • Bulk loose loading to other agents within AFFC, CLK or downtown.
  • Direct shipment delivery from cargo terminals to warehouses in AFFC, CLK or downtown.

Palletization and containerization

  • Palletize cargoes to ULD according to the customer's loading plan.

Customs clearance and cargo inspection

Labeling, marking, pick-pack, and other value added services

  • X-ray cargo scanning is provided for bulk or pre-packed cargoes to streamline the air cargo export process in CTO.
  • Secure and intensive handling services for valuable cargo to mark valuable cargo pallets and provide close supervision at every checkpoint until delivery to CTO.

Cross border trucking service

The core benefits of CSS are as follows:

Better cost control and management

  • A no-kill-no-pay charging scheme with at least 30-day credit term.
  • Zero overhead for warehouse space, trucks and forklifts, packing materials, PCs and labeling machines and cargo expertise.

Professional service

  • 1 of the best 3 transportation companies in Hong Kong in terms of the highest utilization rate of PPK ULD and maintaining world-class operational integrity.
  • Strong CTO and forwarding agent capability and people network.
  • Experienced management team with quality communication and operations.

Committed service

  • High provision of facilities and manpower
  • Full range of service
  • Operates 7 x 24

Our CSS saves operating costs and makes our forwarding customers more competitive in the market. The result is a steady increase in profitability and business.

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